i've be tagged..(just for fun!!) (Again...)

Jan 21, 2009 - ♛Posted by : ikmal means "perfection" at 6:25 PM

Tagged kali ni agak blur....so....

1. pasang music yg ada dalam koleksi korg, buka shuffle ON...
2. korg dgr le lagu tu leklok pastu letak sebgai jawapan untuk tagged...x kisah r mcm mana @#$%^ liriknya
3. jgn lupa TULIS NAMA LAGU, PENYANYI ker...
4.komen le paper pasal lagu yg korang letak sbg jawapan tu...
5. sememangnya post dalam blog r beb...!!

**sori aku x ikut rule...yg penting aku reply tagged ok...

1. Q: If someone says, "Is this okay?"
..::::"..i'm okay now..!!!.." - My chemical romance

2. Q: How would you describe yourself? ...:::::"..I can make it through the rain." - Mariah carey

3. Q: What do you like in a guy/girl? ..::::"..You know I can't smile without you.." - Barry Manilow

4. Q: How do you feel today? ..::::"..One love." - Blue

5. Q: What is your life's purpose? ....::::"..so much for my happy ending.." - avril lavinge

6. Q: What is your motto? ...::::move along - the all american rejects

7. Q: What do your friends think of you? ...:::::"..i wonder how, i wonder why.."... - fool's garden

8. Q: What do you think of your parents? ..::::"..Every time you're near I feel like I’m in heaven.." - Shayne Ward

9. Q: What do you think about very often? ...:::"..you came to my heart just by chance.." - ((1000 years of love) ( my feveret romantic, slow song from 'innocent steps' ost)

10. Q: What is 2+2? ...::::"..I remember date and time
September twenty second.." - M2M (the day you went away mp3)

11. Q: What do you think of your best friends? ..:::"..we belong together.." - mariah carey

12. Q: What do you think of the person you like? ..::::just want you to know - backstreet boys

13. Q: What is your life?
..::::"..i'm not here for your entertainment.." - Pink (u and ur hands mp3)
14. Q: What do you want to be when you grow up?
..::::::"..pacaran lagi dengan dirinya.." - Matta (ketahuan mp3)
15. Q: What do you think of when you see the person you like?

...::::::"..wont stop until i found the cure for this cancer.." - Rasmus (in the shadow mp3)
16. Q: What will you dance to at your wedding? ...:::::just dance - lady Gaga

17. Q: What will they play at your funeral? ...:::::iman mutiara - raihan (lagu yg paling aku suka sejak kecik darjah 3)

18. Q: What is your hobby/interest?
....:::::breaking da habit - Linkin park
19. Q: What is your biggest fear?
.....::::::against all odds - mariah carey ft westlife

20. Q: What is your biggest secret?
....::::::menjaga hati - yovie n the nuno

21. Q: What do you think of your friends? .....:::::::everything - M2M

22. Q: What will you post this as?
....:::::::ingkar - bunga citra lestari

orang yg kena sambung 'TRADISI' ni :
.....::::::::tapi bukan aku - kerispatih