Lil' Mistic [Online Pet Dragon]

Jul 16, 2009 - ♛Posted by : Mr.Homosapiensz at 10:17 AM

HS terlihat dalam blog Sofi Zee pasal "online Pet dragon"!!
so HS pun sign in ler dlm website ""

My 1st legendary online pet~ Dragon~

just sign in the website~
Adopt an egg of the dragon~
You can choose what type of dragon~

Bila dah "adopt" telur dragon~
'Paste' code profil dalm ur website/blog etc..
(makin ramai yg 'click' makin cepat membesar 'dragon' tu)

Bila sampai Level 5...telur tu pun menetas~
Tiba masanya untuk bagi nama~
This Cute Blue female dragon is "Mistic"
Born : 15th July 2009 (same date as my convocation~)

Mistic will accompany me in my Blog...Havva visit to Mistic so, she wouldn't be alone~

p/s : once the egg was hatched, you are require to name & choose the element..the pet's gender is random...