PS Tutorial#2 - Colour The Eyes [Vampire style]

Oct 5, 2009 - ♛Posted by : Mr.Homosapiensz at 6:56 PM
In this posting, Mr.Homosapiensz will show another tool in Adobe Photoshop to edit image

Initial Pic
[objective : try to re-colour the eye-ball]

Use Dodge Tool.
Recomended Brush : Blur Type; Less [Reduce] exposure

Slowly, brush around the eye using Dodge Tool

[Dodge Tool is used to englighten the area]

The result of Dodge Tool
(Don't need to enlight all the colour...Would be enough till look pale..)

Choose the color of your new eyes.
Use the Brush Tool

(Remember to reduce the exposure & highly recomend Blur Brush with suitable diameter)

Then, brush the eyes with the new color
(Tips : use blur brush with less exposure percentage)

Choose Burn Tool
(As usual, Choose Blurr Brush::Suitable Diameter & percentage exposure)
Slowly, darken around the eyes & a Lil' bit inside the eyes..
Just use Burn Tool to make the snake-eye alike...

You can try other colour on your eye-balls
p/s: pardon my english....huhu~ keep learning....