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Annah Talent is created to search for new & existing models and talents to widen up their skills and experiences in modelling, acting, events and other talent industries too! At Annah Talent, you will have the chance to be one of the top models and talents for commercal jobs locally and internationally.
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Tyson Ballou
(D&G Fragrance Anthology)

When i saw TV Commercial 'bout D&G Fragrance. I saw a model with a sharp eyes like an eagle deeply staring arrogantly, proudly & full of ego to all audiences/people to show the world and definitely commercialize the characteristics of the products as well which always caught my attention..Just with a stare, people will know what i feel, my characteristics, mysterious but ego & arrogant.


Top 5 Men's Icon : Ranking#3
Birth Date: November 14, 1976
Country of origin: United States
Starting his modeling career at the young age of
15 with modeling agency, Page Parkes.
Campaigns :
Fashion! Dallas__J.C. Penney__Foley's__Jil Sanders__DKNYHugo Boss Sport,__Byblos, Moschino__Emporio Armani__Exte Acht__Samsonite__Perry Ellis__BCBG__Valentino Roma__Emporio Armani Fragrance__L'uomo, Vogue__Jalouse__The Face__Harper's Bazaar__Arena Homme Plus__Visionaire__Numero__W.

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