How's yoUr Interview?

Apr 10, 2010 - ♛Posted by : Mr.Homosapiensz at 1:04 AM
well, just got back to my beloved east coastal state, Terengganu on Friday morning..Took a daylight bus ride really exhausted..well, its my habit to sleep in the bus of course..what else i'm gonna do in 7-8 hours of boring trip..Hardly sleep but manage to for about half-the-way hours...'s my interview as Wildlife Researher at Wildlife Conservation Society in Kelana Jaya..Well..all i can say are..I'M SCREWED UP! After answered the essay 'bout Tiger Farming as Conservation Tool (Can't really sure what's Tiger Farming refers to..well..just wrote it ..luckily i read some interesting fact in the KOSMIK magazine which i bought at PESTA BUKU RM1..)

After entered the room that 'contained' 4 interviewers..sit on the provided chair starting to INtroduced my self (as usual)..Then, they asked me to study the graph on the Whiteboard and answer the stated question...(WTH is the graph about! can someone translate it for me!). Well, i just explained spontaneously..seriously..what i'm BABBLING about??~sigh~~~for sure and confirmed by one of the interviewers that YOU'RE NOT REALLY ANSWER THE QUESTION but never mind..can still learn....

Despair..i'm try to think over and over and over again....IF (capslock!!)...IF i get this offer..WILL i ACCEPT it?? This WORK really challenging, adventure, fun (maybeT__T)..(well, its my 1st thought, though~)

i do have that BEST (Biotechnology Entrepreneurship Special Training)..Which i IMMEDIATELY CONFIRMED after the interview's over...Try to release some 'MESS UP' thought by Watched "HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON" at MidValley...Cartoon, Fantasy, Imagination..Its my genres though! ^___^V..Really fun watched movie outta' reality..but really annoying heard some girls' talk.."owh..cutenyer...comelnyer....". BEHAVE LADIES!! i'm trying to FOCUS here! i'm PAY for THIS!!

After bought the Tickets, my PAPA called to inform that my MAMA told him that ....after a few second on phone with PAPA.then,waited CALLING.. "Hello PAPA, MAMA's calling...ok.."..My MAMA told me that an interview letter for me was arrived that evening.From Johor Biotech..huhu~ Well, i did refused to attend the Kelantan Biotech Corp. once..Maybe, i WILL attend this interview at Johor! ANOTHER TRAVELLING PLAN!!! Already discussed with PAPA..well, he not really gave the conclusion..only opinion, though~..of course EVERYTHING is DEPEND ON ME! ONLY I CAN DECIDE MY OWN FUTURE...!! So, i told him that, its only to have some "Interview Experience".
well, i've been BABBLING long enough..end for now..i already thought what i'm gonna' choose...HOPE IT WILL BE THE BEST FOR ME! Ooo My Merciful GOD...YOU already destined to this little creature's future..Whatever PATH i took..ONLY hoped that you will ALWAYS guiding me to the whatever BEST for me...