Leopard Care for New Delivered Baby Baboon

Jun 11, 2010 - ♛Posted by : Mr.Homosapiensz at 1:13 PM
As i saw this video i my Facebook been posted by one of my friend list amazingly catch my attention toward Nature
Nature is mysteriously secret and sometime out of theory we already knew..
Enough of babbling, just watch this amazing video by National Geographic where a hungry Leopard hunt-to-kill a pregnant Baboon and take care (as motherly cares) for the delivered orphan Baby Baboon.

(Click this Youtube Link if the video unloaded)

p/s: in some case, this beautiful moment really pointed to un-thankful Human...

Nature always guide Human since the time of Adam & Eve (Prophet of Adam & Hawa) where their sons Habil was being killed by his brother, Qabil and Qabil did not know how to take care of the dead Body..Then, Allah send Two Crows fight-to -death and one of it buried the dead Crow, which inspired Qabil to bury the poor dead Habil.

p/s: some of the commentators in Youtube channel said the baby baboon was died because of the cold and the Leopard did not eat the poor dead baby baboon...huhu