Review : Ghost Whisperer Season 2,3,4,5

Nov 12, 2010 - ♛Posted by : Mr.Ix at 9:16 PM
Whoa~ All those seasons and episodes i successfully managed to finish within less than a month..maybe i can say less than 3 weeks? Hahaha~ What an insane 'otaku' i am...
So, as i can review this Series with all those seasons, the plot of every episode about the same where Melinda keep meeting new ghost, then finished the un-finished business then cross the light..bla..bla..bla....
Okay. That is the common episode plot which different story every episode, but some plot were continuous within the episode and season especially when they encountered the Shadow.

The most touching part is when Melinda lost her husband, Jim Clancy .

p/s: pardon my english..